Welcome and thanks for stopping by.  I specialize in private in-home training specifically designed for your needs.  I am a positive reinforcement trainer, that means I don't use negative training methods or equipment of any kind to train your dog.  I believe in positive force free training that builds confidence, trust and a closer bond between you and your "best buddy".  

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Best Buddy Canine Training

Professional In-Home Dog Training

Happy Dog Happy Life

​​​I'll be back to offering classes in the Fall but if you need training consider in-home private lessons.  It's less stress and more enjoyable for both human and canine!   Fill out the request form or call for an appointment today.

Meet my two rescues, Bruce and Allie.  I adopted Bruce in 2013 from HoundSong rescue, a wonderful Coonhound and Beagle rescue.  I adopted Allie in 2012 from a shelter.  They both had rough starts in life but with consistancy, hard work and and a lot of love, today they are happy and healthy goofy pups.

Personalized In-Home Dog Training

​​​​​I've had dogs all my life and I am passionate about their well being.  I love helping people learn how to understand and bond with their "Best Buddy"  When you have a happy dog you have a happy family.