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Personalized In-Home Dog Training

Meet my two rescues, Bruce and Allie.  I adopted Bruce in 2013 from HoundSong rescue, a wonderful Coonhound and Beagle rescue.  I adopted Allie in 2012 from a shelter.  They both had rough starts but with lot's of love and hard work, today they are happy and healthy goofy pups.

Welcome and thanks for stopping by.  I specialize in private in-home training specifically designed for your needs.  I am a positive reinforcement trainer, that means I don't use aversives of any kind to train your dog.  I believe in positive force free training that builds trust and a closer bond between you and your "best buddy".  

Group training workshops  coming soon!  

I will be offering 3 week group workshops to help you and your Best Buddy achieve a  closer and more well mannered relationship!

​​​​​I've had dogs all my life and I am passionate about their well being.  I love helping people learn how to understand and bond with their "Best Buddy"  When you have a happy dog you have a happy family.

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